Nursing Mothers Tea, Mixed Herbal Tea 40 Bags, Organic Tea, Natural Products, Turkish Product

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Herbal Nursing Mothers Tea, specially curated for breastfeeding mothers in need of support. Our unique blend of herbs such as Fenugreek Seed, Thistle Seed, Nettle Leaf, Fennel Fruit, Anise Fruit, Fennel Fruit Oil, Ascorbic Acid and Lemon flavoring, is expertly crafted to provide maximum benefits to nursing mothers. Herbal Nursing Mothers Tea is available in 40 filtering bags, making it easy to brew and consume at any time of the day.

One of the key benefits of Herbal Nursing Mothers Tea is its ability to support breast milk production. Fenugreek Seed, known for its natural fiber ratio, plays a crucial role in this. Studies have also shown that it is an effective antioxidant. In addition, Fennel Fruit and Oil, which are commonly used by breastfeeding mothers, also aid in increasing milk production. Milk thistle and nettle leaf also provide support for breast milk in this herbal blend.

Another benefit of Herbal Nursing Mothers Tea is that it is free from additives, making it safe for all breastfeeding mothers to consume. To prepare the tea, simply add the tea bag to a cup of hot water and infuse for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to consume the tea without sweetening, but you can sweeten it with honey if desired. It is also important to note that brewing method of herbal teas is important, so make sure to add the tea bag to boiling water and allow it to brew.
Pregnant women should always consult their doctor before consuming any supplement.

Bazarturki is dedicated to providing top-quality products to our customers, which is why we only use carefully selected herbs for our Herbal Nursing Mothers Tea. We are confident that this special blend will provide the support that breastfeeding mothers need, and we highly recommend giving it a try.