Turkish handmade pillow, Antique decorative style pillow case

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Transport yourself to the grandeur of the Roman era with our exquisite handmade pillow, evoking the opulence of ancient times. Featuring a luxurious Kilim-inspired design, meticulously crafted from sumptuous cotton fabric, this pillow exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Measuring 45x45x1 cm (17.72" x 17.72" x 0.39" inches) and weighing 220 g (0.49 lbs), it's the perfect accent piece to infuse your space with the allure of antiquity. The intricate Kilim pattern, reminiscent of Roman tapestries, brings a sense of history and cultural richness to your home. Adorned with tassels on all four corners, this pillow adds an extra touch of luxury and decadence. Whether placed on your sofa, chaise lounge, or daybed, it effortlessly combines classical design with modern comfort. Transform your home into a sanctuary of style with our Roman-inspired handmade pillow. Experience the grandeur of ancient Rome and make a statement with this opulent accent piece. Embrace the intricate detailing and rich colors of Kilim design, and let its timeless beauty transport you to a bygone era of elegance and sophistication. Elevate your decor with this versatile accent piece, perfect for adding a touch of luxury and history to your home.

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